Candidate pricing

Employer can create two types of a job offer: a free of charge unsecured way or a way secured by a contract fee paid by both sides at the end. You can always tell the difference based on the respective icons.

Secured way pricing

Level Salary range Contract fee
A Job offer with a salary up to 2500 € 150 €
B Job offer with a salary above 2500,01 € 200 €
Registration to the portal, publishing your CV 0 €
If you do not sign the work agreement with the electronic signature/approval and you do not pay the contract fee within 3 days, your reservation of this job position expires, and you will be deleted from the database of OSA candidates. You will be not be able to continue to seek and obtain a job position. In the case you wish to return to the database, it is necessary to pay the activation/return fee 30 €